Indigenous People’s Day

Hello! Rather than put up a full post of my shenanigans, here are some articles and resources to honor Indigenous People’s Day:

First Nations Development Institute This charity works to protect the long-term viability of Native communities, by restoring control of Native assets to Native people.

Native American Voters Face Challenges While there’re a lot of messages out there urging people to go out and vote, Native voting rights still get ignored. Here are some of the obstacles to equal representation for Indigenous people.

Meanwhile, Natives Vote 2020 is working to increase the registration and turnout of Native voters.

Cultural Appropriation and Unethical Practices in Witchcraft “It is perfectly fine to use smoke to cleanse yourself and your home, thatโ€™s not the issue, but smoke cleansing is not smudging.”

Smoke Cleansing as an Appropriate Alternative to Smudging This article delves a bit deeper into smoke cleansing traditions around the world, including herbs traditionally used by different cultures.


Interested in supporting Native artists? The Indian Pueblo Store, operated by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, has jewelry, pottery, leatherwork, instruments, and more, created by Indigenous artists of the Southwest.

Are you a Native American artist, blogger, musician, or other creative type? Comment or contact me if you’d like me to drop a link to your portfolio, Soundcloud, or anything else!

Lastly, here’s my favorite song from when I was a tiny child. I can’t tell you how many summer nights I spent at powwows, tucked into my sleeping bag, with my dad’s bright yellow Walkman and this cassette hidden under my pillow, hoping my hair hid my headphones well enough that my dad wouldn’t tell me to cut it out and go to sleep. (It’s out of print now, and all of my attempts to find any legit copy have been unsuccessful, but enjoy this bit of YouTube nostalgia.)


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