World’s Okayest Blogger.

Hello! My name is J.

I’m a disabled Pagan artist and writer living in the eastern U.S. with my significant other, two cats, and a frankly embarrassing number of plants. I once went on a cross-country trip by train, only to end up stranded in the Utah salt flats behind a guy who was on the lam for shooting a dude. When I was a child, I was nearly eaten by geese. For a couple of years, I did science. Now, I mostly write stuff and make pictures people sometimes pay me for. I’ve also been a practicing witch for over two decades, so I’ve got a lot to share.

You’re probably in the right place if you:
  • Love wildlife and nature-inspired art.
  • Want to bring more magic into your life.
  • Want to connect with other Pagans or witches.
  • Want to know more about cultivating a green space indoors.
  • Have tips for avoiding large waterfowl.