World’s Okayest Blogger.

Hello! My name is J.

I’m a disabled Pagan artist and writer living in the eastern U.S. with my significant other, two cats, and a frankly embarrassing number of plants. I once went on a cross-country trip by train, only to end up stranded in the Utah salt flats behind a guy who was on the lam for shooting a dude. When I was a child, I was nearly eaten by geese. For a couple of years, I did science. Now, I mostly write stuff and make pictures people sometimes pay me for. I’ve also been a practicing witch for over two decades, so I’ve got a lot to share.

You’re probably in the right place if you:

  • Want to bring more magic into your life.
  • Want inspiration for spells and rituals.
  • Want to learn more about divination.
  • Want to connect with other Pagans or witches.
  • Want to know more about cultivating a green space indoors, with a limited space and budget.
  • Have tips for avoiding large waterfowl.

I’ve been blogging since back when Geocities existed, when people still called them “weblogs” and monetization wasn’t really a thing yet. Now, I mostly use this place to write about my life as a Neodruid and city witch — from making safe travel charms for my boyfriend’s motorcycle, to celebrating the vernal equinox when everything around me is covered in concrete, to keeping a witch’s garden in a windowsill, to figuring out which sigils will keep people out of our parking space.

I post on Instagram pretty often, and sometimes I pin cool stuff.

If you want me to advertise or post about something specific, feel free to contact me. If you want to talk about tarot or witchcraft, you should totally contact me.

(Unless you are a goose.)