Three-card Tarot Tuesday — 9.16.19

On the heels of yesterday’s one-card reading for myself, I wanted to do another one of these! Just like before, clear your mind, choose the row of cards that speaks to you, and scroll down to see what they have to say.

Unlike last week’s reading using the Deviant Moon deck, The Wild Unknown Animal spirit deck, and The Illustrated Herbiary deck, this week we’re going to use the Klimt Tarot. (The cards are gorgeous and very fancy looking.)

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Ready? Here we go.

The Top Left

The Three of Swords. Oof. You can tell by that lady’s face that she’s not too excited about anything going on right now — she’s naked and vulnerable, hemmed in with drawn swords at every side. The Three of Swords speaks of betrayal and heartbreak, of grief and loss. It indicates that this isn’t a very great time for you, either right now or in the recent past.

The Emperor can indicate an older man full of wise council; he’s someone you probably want to listen to right now. If he doesn’t point to a specific figure for you, he can signify your intellect and sense of logic overcoming your emotions. If you are still suffering through the grief and heartache indicated by the Three of Swords, he can help you through it with focus, stability, and the ability to keep your heart from getting away from you.

The Nine of Pentacles is one of the most positive cards in the deck. It points to financial independence. It is the finer things in life, and the hard work you’ve put in to achieve them. It is wisdom gained through experience, and the maturity that comes with time.

Overall, these cards point to a very emotionally difficult time. It’s going to take some doing, but, if you are open to listening to advice from those who’ve gone through it before and able to keep your heart from leading you into more trouble, you will reap plenty of rewards. Working to obtain stability for yourself now will yield tremendous dividends in the future. Keep yourself grounded, and things’ll be looking up soon!

The Center

2019-09-16 01.14.18 1.jpg

The Chariot is determination. It is overcoming obstacles through a sheer force of will. The Chariot, to put it bluntly, is not here to fuck spiders. Either now or recently, you have/had a real Situation to go through. Fortunately, The Chariot is a card of success — with enough focus, you’ll win. However, that success comes with a cautionary note: don’t allow yourself to develop too thick of a shell in the face of what you’ve gone through. Keep your vulnerability.

The Knave of Pentacles is a very positive card. Unlike the Knights, who signify movement and progress, the Knave is the preliminary step. It is figuring out what you want out of life, and what you need to do to get it.

The Magician indicates that whatever endeavor the Knave of Pentacles signifies will go well, but it’ll take a lot of intelligence, craftiness, and willpower on your part. Don’t worry, though — you have the skills you need. The woman here has a snake twined around her arm, but her expression is completely placid and unruffled. She knows she’s got this. So do you.

Altogether, these cards indicate that you’ve been in (or are in) a tough spot, but you’re pulling through. You’re tough enough to make it and, once you do, you’ll be in a place where you can lay the foundations for your future success. While The Magician says that you have all of the right stuff to pull off whatever you put your mind to, don’t forget — success is never guaranteed. You need to apply your cunning, ingenuity, and willpower in order to do it.

The Bottom Right

2019-09-16 01.14.17 1.jpg

The Three of Pentacles (isn’t this card pretty? I love this one) indicates a learning experience or opportunity. It could be a class, an apprenticeship, or a skill you’re honing. The young woman bends her head as she plays, focusing intently on the music. Still, even though her fingers pluck the strings, she wouldn’t be able to play without the efforts of the woodcutter, the harp-maker, or her music teacher. You’re working with others, setting the foundation for your future. Following Aces and Twos, Threes are the stage where you really start cooking with gas. It looks like you’re devoting a lot of your energy to this right now. Good! You’ll need to keep it up if you want to really grow and succeed.

The Ten of Pentacles is usually tied to very good things, financially speaking. It can point to a sudden influx of cash, or a general sense of a happy, stable family life. Whether you’re looking forward to a much-anticipated family reunion, about to have an inheritance drop in your lap, or otherwise, it paints a picture of financial and domestic harmony. Gold hangs from the boughs of a tree, heavy and abundant. Behind them, you can see the architecture of a grand, solid-looking building peeking through.

The Nine of Wands reversed points to a fear that others are out to get you, or a serious butting of heads that leads to a stalemate. It can also be a crumbling of your will — you might feel like you don’t have it in you to keep going, resulting in delays and setbacks on your path to reach your goals.

Taken together, these cards paint a picture of growth, learning, and a stable financial and familial situation. Unfortunately, it looks like you may run into obstacles that will make these things difficult to really experience. The Three of Pentacles points to opportunities for growth and learning, ones you may be taking full advantage of right now — don’t let your resolve wane, or you’ll begin slipping up. Similarly, having a stable and abundant life might make you want to rest on your laurels. Don’t let your drive to succeed weaken.

If you’ve had to hear some rough news, take heart. No tarot reading shows you an immutable future. Things can, and very likely will, change. These cards give you a snapshot of situations as they stand now, and a future that is likely if you remain on the same path. Good luck!



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